Advancements in Energy Efficiency Across Oregon & Washington Businesses

Wind turbine farm in the desert.

The Pacific Northwest is entering an exciting era of energy efficiency. Businesses in scenic Oregon and Washington are driving the adoption of green technologies and pioneering innovative initiatives. Dive into the forward-thinking commercial ventures shaping the region’s sustainable future.  

Energy Efficiency Trends in Commercial Buildings in the Pacific Northwest

From cutting-edge tech to sustainable practices, check out how our region is going green and boosting energy efficiency.

Renewable Energy The Clean Energy Fund has invested $291 million in clean and renewable energy development and implementation.

Solar and wind turbine energy have a bright future in the Pacific Northwest. In Oregon, House Bill 2021 calls for a complete elimination of carbon emissions by 2024. In Washington, the Clean Energy Fund has invested $291 million in clean and renewable energy development and implementation. 

Commercial buildings across the two states are focusing on renewable energy as the main utility option. For example, the Washington State Department of Commerce has awarded $3.7 million in grants for energy projects across the state, including:

  • $243,000 to Coastal Community Action Program (CCAP) for 121 kW installation at their center
  • $593,898 for solar installations at the Lummi Nation Administration Building and HeadStart Building
  • $112,600 to install a 119 kW solar project at the Yakima Valley Partners (YVP) Habitat for Humanity storefront

Building Electrification Systems 

Another giant leap towards commercial energy efficiency is 100% electrical buildings. Buildings are the second largest contributors to greenhouse gas emissions, and making commercial structures carbon-neutral is key to reducing the effects of global warming. 

Fully electric buildings rely on electricity for all their heating and cooling systems instead of fossil fuels. They are also often powered by solar, wind, or other carbon-neutral electrical sources. In Washington, $10 million in building electrification grants have been awarded to businesses looking to reduce fossil fuel usage. 

Hydrogen-Based Energy 

Hydrogen power has been getting a lot of press lately, especially after the Biden administration announced $7 million for seven hydron hubs across the U.S. What makes hydrogen energy efficient is it has the potential to supplement or replace natural gas and can be used as energy storage. 

Oregon, Washington, and Montana have been awarded $1 million for a Northwest hydrogen hub project. This project will work towards producing green hydrogen using water and electricity and could bring as many as 70,000 jobs across the regions. 

Going Green Protects the Planet & Drives Profitability

There are just a few reasons businesses are looking to reduce energy loss and build more sustainable companies. 

State Tax Credits 

Oregon and Washington have implemented policies that reward businesses that commit to energy reduction.

According to data from Oregon Business, companies are eligible to claim up to 30% of their commercial solar and energy storage system installation costs. With the added incentives from the Energy Trust and the state of Oregon, there’s a potential to reap up to 40% in tax credits to cover solar installation costs. 

In Washington, businesses are eligible for state tax credits for a wealth of green energy projects, including large-scale solar canopies and installations.

Utility Cost Savings 

Statistics show that a commercial building retrofitted for green technology can reduce energy output by 40%. Investing in green energy systems can translate into a better bottom line for business in the Pacific Northwest.  

Preservation of Our Environment 

In the Pacific Northwest, we cherish our distinct landscapes, embrace outdoor tourism for economic growth, and strive to protect our agricultural heritage. However, the Oregon Business report exposes that almost one-third of the energy produced by commercial buildings goes to waste. Embracing green technologies can mitigate this loss, preserving our precious natural resources for generations to come.

Find an Electrical Professional for Your Commercial Project

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Hiring an electrical professional ensures expertise in sustainable energy systems. They navigate complexities, ensuring efficient, safe, and compliant installations tailored to your needs. Their expertise maximizes energy savings, minimizes environmental impact, and ensures long-term sustainability.

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