A Homeowner’s Guide to Smart Home Technology

homeowner looking at smart phone technology.

Exploring the realm of smart home systems might seem daunting at first, but rest assured, today’s technology is more advanced than ever. It brings a plethora of streamlined operations aimed at enhancing your home and lifestyle. Discover the latest innovations below, spanning from robust security measures to wellness features and beyond.

Checklist on how to plan your smart home transformation.

4 Smart Home Solutions & Their Benefits

As a homeowner, there’s no doubt you’ve encountered tons of smart technology products and options on the market. Knowing what solutions are best for you and have long-lasting benefits is important to make informed decisions. 

These current trends are making lives easier through advanced technology.

1) Smart Tech for Wellness

Smart home tech can monitor and improve air quality, reduce humidity, and disinfect rooms with UV lights.


Many people prioritize health and wellness in their lives, with 50% of American consumers considering it a significant aspect of their daily routine. However, we often overlook the role of our homes in supporting our well-being. This is where smart technology comes in, reshaping how we can boost healthy living.

Innovative tech can monitor and improve air quality, reduce humidity levels (a big deal for us in the Pacific Northwest), control temperatures, and disinfect rooms with UV lights. These automated processes can mitigate allergens, prevent harmful mold and mildew growth, and create an overall soothing environment. All of these can go a long way toward better health. 

2) Smart Thermostats 

Speaking of temperature control, intelligent thermostats do more than just keep your home at an ideal temperature. Many systems have eco-modes that regulate settings to optimize temperature, reduce energy loss, and keep utility costs low. Certified Energy Star smart thermostats can save an average of 8% on home heating and cooling costs.

3) Intelligent Security Systems 

Technology has come a long way from the days of punch-panel home alarm systems. Today’s security systems fully integrate cameras, locks, sensors, doorbells, and alarms to keep you safe. Your security information can be controlled and tracked from your phone, whether you are home or away. For example, you can receive notifications if someone is at your front door. With integrated cameras, you can see who they are. 

4) Innovative Kitchen Appliances 

Smart kitchen appliances offer a brand new take on useability and practicality. Smart refrigerators can connect to your home assistants, such as Google or Alexa. Apps allow you to change the temperature, notify you when filters need to be replaced, and—perhaps the coolest feature of all—show you the contents of your fridge without opening the door. Other appliances, from coffee makers to ovens, faucets, and microwaves, can be voice-controlled, so you don’t have to lift a finger. 

The future of smart technology is exciting because it can combine many new ideas to automate homes. Instead of using lots of different apps, modern smart systems can work together smoothly. This collaboration can improve your health, save you money, enhance safety, and more.

Choose an Electrical Professional to Manage Your Smart Home Tech

Whether you’re seeking advice on smart home systems, installation, troubleshooting, or maintenance, opt for licensed and bonded electrical pros. Look for expertise in both electrical and tech installation. Pick a reliable company with expert electricians who undergo advanced training for safety, quality, and top-notch service.

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