IBEW Local 48 Supports Licensed Electricians

Proudly Representing Electrical Workers in Oregon & SW Washington

Are you a licensed electrician seeking to elevate your career and enjoy outstanding benefits? Becoming a part of IBEW Local 48 enhances your career in the electrical field and opens the door to numerous professional advantages.

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Higher Wages

Licensed electrician members see higher wages than their non-union counterparts. IBEW Local 48 champions fair wages, reduced wage gaps, and paid leave benefits, providing members with robust and stable incomes.

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Access to Crucial Education

Members of IBEW Local 48 actively engage in ongoing education and certification programs that focus on cutting-edge technologies, such as the Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Training Program (EVITP).

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As an IBEW member, you can report unsafe work conditions and receive immediate support. Plus, you are protected through IBEW’s union contract safety provisions.

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A great career doesn’t begin and end with wages. IBEW knows that progressive benefit packages are just as important. When you join, you enjoy retirement packages, training compensation, health insurance, PTO, pensions, and shift differential.

We invite you to learn more about how membership can help you propel your career.

Build a Better Business with NECA’s Oregon Columbia Chapter

Representing Electrical Contractors in Oregon & SW Washington

Becoming a member of NECA allows electrical contractors to retain their business independence as well as presents strategic opportunities to enhance their business prospects and capitalize on excellent benefits.

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Labor Enhancing Partnerships

NECA aims to be the bridge between electrical contractors and their skilled labor partners. Our programs are geared towards helping you achieve marketing competitiveness and long-term stability.

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Bolstered Integrity and Industry Recognition

NECA is a leader in the electrical industry. As a member, you become affiliated with their sterling reputation, which can boost your credibility and trustworthiness in the industry.

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Business Support and Advancement

When you join NECA, you can access indispensable industry resources, such as technical insights, key industry standards, safety and compliance assistance, market research, and networking.

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Leadership-Focused Representation

NECA believes its members should have a voice in the electrical industry. When you join, you have a say in shaping policies and regulations that affect your business. NECA is here to be your advocacy partner and work with you to strengthen your business and the industry at large.  

Discover how NECA can enhance your business’s best practices when you become a member.

Become an Apprentice: Earn While You Learn

NIETC (NECA-IBEW Electrical Training Center)

Looking to start your journey in the electrical profession or advance your skills? NIETC apprenticeship programs, given their industry reputation and comprehensive training, are the go-to choice for those looking to enter the electrical field with a strong foundation and a competitive edge.

What can you expect from apprenticeship programs?

  • Expert Training: Learn the skills of new trades from experts and experienced instructors with robust backgrounds in the electrical and telecommunications fields.
  • Hands-On Experience: Gain practical knowledge by doing. As an apprentice, you’ll work on real projects and receive transferable experience to prepare you for the challenges of the job.
  • Competitive Compensation: We believe members should earn as they learn. As an apprentice, you’ll earn competitive wages that increase as you progress through the program, helping you achieve a living while bettering your career. 
  • Career Advancement: Upon completion of your program, you’ll be set up for a successful career as an electrical or telecommunications professional and be on your way to becoming a journeyman.
Two electricians, male and female, work on a commercial electrical project.

The training center presents three NECA/IBEW Local 48 apprenticeship programs, each designed to train apprentices in a licensed craft and officially register them through the State of Oregon’s Apprenticeship Division.

Every one of our three programs equips apprentices with the essential prerequisites to qualify for the Oregon State Journeyman license exam and, if applicable, the equivalent Washington Journeyman license exam.

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