Career tradesman reflects on electrical industry’s appeal

Work hard, be on time, and follow through were values that Clay Kingston’s father, a first-generation IBEW electrician, instilled in him growing up. Kingston saw firsthand what a career in the trades can provide for a family and for retirement. He decided to follow his father’s path and join the union trades. Now, he is a fully licensed journeymen electrician with 23 years of experience in the field with EC Electric.

Over the course of his five-year apprenticeship at the NECA/IBEW Local 48 Training Center, Kingston had to fully commit to his trade. “Knowing how to take direction and set aside past inconsistencies in your work habits is essential,” said Kingston. “However, if you work hard and set a good precedent, you’ll always have work, even when its slow.”

The electrical industry is not a static field – technology is always advancing, electrical codes and regulations change, and safety practices are constantly refined. After becoming licensed journeymen, electricians are required to take additional courses to stay current in the latest practices and training.

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