2024 & Beyond: Trends Shaping the Electrical Industry’s Future

Today, the electrical profession is experiencing a wealth of exciting tech innovations, new regulations, operational updates, and more. Staying informed about emerging trends empowers electrical workers and contractors to stay ahead, advancing their careers and success in the industry.

Keep your finger on the pulse of the modernization of the electrical sector in 2024 by learning more about these developing innovations. 

The Top 4 Trends Reshaping the Electrical Industry

What lies ahead in the electrical and power generation field? Advancements in sustainable energy, high-tech safety solutions, and sophisticated energy delivery systems are pushing the electrical industry forward. 

These four trends are expected to flourish in 2024 and establish themselves in the coming years.

1) Energy Awareness & Sustainability graphic titled the need for experts in green energy tech is increasing 

Renewable energy sources are on the minds of residential and business owners. According to recent data, one-fourth of energy will come from renewables by 2024. Plus, the Inflation Reduction Act, signed into law in 2022, encourages clean energy developers to uphold robust labor standards, ensuring workers reap the rewards of the green economy they help construct. 

In the coming decade, electricians can expect promising job opportunities in fields such as Wind Turbine Technicians, projected to grow by 68%, and Solar Photovoltaic Installers, anticipated to see a 52% increase. Understanding the workings of solar and wind technologies will be crucial for contractors and workers in the electrical and construction fields.

2) Distributed Energy Resources (DERs) 

Along the same vein as renewable energy awareness, DERs are on the rise. These small-scale electrical generation technologies are geared towards offering consumers more choices about their energy output and consumption. DERs help alleviate some dependence on large power plants and high-voltage transmission lines. Electrical workers trained in DER technologies gain the skills to design, install, and maintain the systems, ultimately becoming essential contributors to modernized practices.

3) Smart Homes & Cities

Remaining current with smart technology is vital for the professional development, safety, and competitiveness of electrical workers and contractors. In fact, in 2023, smart home devices are anticipated to be adopted by 46.5% of all households.graphic titled over 46% of households use smart home devices

Apart from smart homes, numerous large and midsize American cities are adopting smart city initiatives, encompassing clean energy objectives and backup grid power systems. Future trends are likely to involve increased integration and connectivity between smart homes and their respective smart cities. A strong command of smart technology can unlock fresh job prospects, career avenues, and business opportunities within the ever-evolving electrical and construction sectors.

4) Innovative Safety Tech 

Professionals in the electrical and construction industries prioritize safety. Today, advancements are making it easier than ever to stay safe

  • Tech-driven personal protective equipment (PPE) is engineered to alert workers when they are nearing dangerous electric fields. 
  • Wearable devices can monitor and report crucial job-site information, including potential hazards.
  • Permanent electrical safety devices can read energy output from the outside of electric cabinets and validate safe, zero electrical energy.

Comprehension of these safety innovations can help prevent on-the-job injuries and go a long way to keeping workers safe.

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